Thursday, November 03, 2005

What is an Agnostic?

I come from a family where religion was almost the family business. My father and his brother were both ordained ministers and missionaries. Their sister was also a missionary. My grandfather was deeply involved in starting several churches. One of my mother's sisters married a preacher. As you can imagine, agnosticism was not a very popular point of view with some of my relatives. I was fortunate that my father was a free thinker as well as a deeply religious man. He encouraged us to find our own paths and supported his children regardless of their belief or lack of it. I tried to make the 'leap of faith' that my religious family members talked about but was never able to cross the gap. I briefly flirted with atheism but concluded that it was too much like all the other religions. Many atheists seem as sure of the rightness of their belief as the most rabid fundamentalist christian. The point is that I don't know whether or not a god or gods exist. I admit that I may be missing something but I have never seen any evidence of an all-powerful supernatural being. I keep an open mind on the subject, however, which is why I am not an atheist.

Here is a website that has an interesting discussion of agnosticism by Bertrand Russell: What is an Agnostic?


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